Wildflowers, Near Lancaster, CA

Wildflowers, Near Lancaster, CA


Traditional yet still so exciting, the photography of California wildflowers is always alluring. This print feels both nostalgic and fresh at the same time. A wild convergence of flowers and color. Perfect for the flower power lover in your life.

We love Bo’s photographs, which achieve the elusive magic of making landscape photography feel fresh and personal. His photos are surprising and sentimental, seeing in a way that is special, soft, and innately personal.

Matted in off-white. 10’’ in length and 8’’ in height. A larger print is also available, 13 3/4 inches long and 11 inches high.

The print was created in 2007, signed by the artist.

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Bo Svensson

As a photographer, I have chosen to capture some of the world’s most beautiful images, at the perfect moment. These images reflect my great love and respect for nature and man’s proper place in it-that of observer, partner and preserver. It’s my wish that the joy I experience as a chronicler of nature will enhance your home and touch your heart, so that what I have captured in photography today, will continue to exist and flourish for the enjoyment of the coming generations.