Linda Timberlake / Salad Plate

Linda Timberlake / Salad Plate


Dinnerware doesn’t have to be banal. Linda Timberlake’s salad plates, or dinner plates depending on how much you’re planning on having, are beautiful deep blue, purple, and turquoise sculptures. Don’t forget to turn them over to see the sea kelp stamped underneath.

Please send us a note if you’re interested in a full set!

8.5 inches wide, hand thrown, stamped and glazed, so variations do occur.

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About the Artist:

A native of Sonoma County, Linda Timberlake has virtually had a lifetime of working with clay.  She was greatly influenced by a mother and an aunt who were fine artists and potters. Linda started playing with clay when she was five years old. Her love of the ceramic arts began in 1971 in a friend’s studio, when she first attempted to "throw" a lump of clay on the potter’s wheel.  It wasn't long before she decided ceramic art was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Enrolling in art courses at the Santa Rosa Junior College in 1972, she studied pottery with Gene Yates, and acquired an AA degree in Fine Arts in 1975. Upon graduating she went to work as a production potter in a commercial studio, and one year later incepted her own business, Timberlake Ceramic Arts.

Traveling to Greece in 1979 greatly influenced the direction of Linda's work. It recalled her Greek ancestry and her studies of the Minoan culture of Crete. Her art echoes those Minoan themes, and they have compelled her work into the direction it has taken today.