Jamie Fisk / Spoons

Jamie Fisk / Spoons

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Hardwood spoons for all your stirring needs! Pine wood is bright, locust wood the tanned in between, and walnut is the beautiful dark wood. Each spoon is handmade, variations will occur, some handles curve for a comfortable cooking grip.

These spoons are so soft you won’t want to let go.

Approximately 13.5 inches long, spoon width 2.5 inches.

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About the Artist

Jamie Fisk is originally from Great Britain but married a girl from South Dakota and ended up calling it home. In retirement Fisk started working with wood, since then he has made multiple kinds of furniture, dollhouses, kitchenware, rocking horses, napkin holders, mouse traps, and that’s just to name a few! Working mainly with hardwoods, Fisk specializes in traditional French and English style rolling pins and cutting boards.