Katya / Saphire Glass Ring

Katya / Saphire Glass Ring


A magical glass rings by Katya. This sterling silver ring wraps your finger, completed by two sparkling sapphire colored glass stones.

Sterling silver, glass.

Size 6 1/2.

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About the Artist
Katya lived and traveled widely abroad, studying many forms of artistic expression and design including painting, sculpture, and glass before ultimately concentrating on glass jewelry. She is the daughter of physicians and artists in their own right who immigrated to this country from Europe. Her heritage and interest in poetry, history, ancient and modern style evolution is visible in her work today - from the shape of the sculpted metallic settings to the curve, arc, and glisten of the glass that is always the center of her work. What began as one of many forms that intrigued her has developed over the last 30 years into a passion for the colors, chemistry, metallurgy and craftsmanship that must flow into each piece. Each piece is one part Katya, and one part the natural spontaneity that take place as the glass, the metal, and the inspiration of the idea meld together in kiln and studio. Its that, almost unpredictable uniqueness and spark that Katya loves, and that represents who Katya is as an artist.