Karen Norton / Ancient Earth

Karen Norton / Ancient Earth


Karen Norton’s exquisite “Ancient Earth” platter. Deep greens and grey with crackle white glaze.

Hand shaped and glazed.

20 inches long, 12 inches wide.

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About the Artist

In the 1970s, I became infatuated with pottery and began a small collection purchased at art festivals and galleries. In 1976, my husband bought me a potter’s wheel and a “How To Book”. Thus began a life long love of clay. I’ve taken many classes and workshops from nationally and internationally recognized ceramic artists. 


Over the years I developed craftsmanship in forming shapes, glazing techniques, surface designs  and different styles of firing from high-fire reduction and oxidation to low-fire raku and pit-fire. I use a variety of clays, glazes and firing methods to create my hand built landscapes and abstracts.  Each piece uniquely offers a blank canvas to apply glazes and create unusual designs. They are organic land, sea and sky scapes that take the viewer to unimagined places where tranquility and vitality merge into cohesive wholeness. Some tell ancient or futuristic stories, others are simply abstracts that evoke emotions, an interplay of order and randomness, that becomes a natural aesthetic in the forces of nature.