Ed Nickel / Redwood Burl Box

Ed Nickel / Redwood Burl Box


Ed Nickel salvages wood from fallen or cut trees to make naturally shaped boxes, beautiful and individually unique in their imperfections. Made from redwood burl, with soft tight lids and a leather lining.

These boxes are an absolute favorite in our store, perfect for holding little gifts or for your own treasures.

5.5 inches, 4.5 inches, by 4 inches.

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About the Artist

The Duke of Burl! Ed Nickel has worked with redwood burl since 1970, beginning his artistry making redwood tables and clocks. In 1980 he began making his now signature salvage wooden boxes which are primarily made of redwood burl, as well as a few other kinds of found wood. All the wood is salvaged, many pieces coming from trees that are removed for safety reasons in Sonoma County. Nickel works out of his home in Petaluma, CA.