Christina Kerndal / Abstract Silver Ring

Christina Kerndal / Abstract Silver Ring


Molded from a wax mold in sterling silver, with drops of silver, brass and copper, this ring is perfect for the abstract artist in your life (or in you!) and fits like a dream.

Sterling silver is molded by traditional Indian artisan silversmiths, handcrafted down to the last drop of copper.

Size 9

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About the Artist

Ritual Jewelry from Santa Barbara, CA, is the creation of Christina Kerndal. Blending design and creativity, Ritual makes jewelry for everyday use that is unique and playful. Kerndal has worked in design and import for over 20 year, and works intimately with traditional artisan silversmiths in India to produce her handcrafted jewelry. Ritual is committed to sustainability throughout their production process, including using repurposed materials and environmentally sustainable practices.