The Twisted Purl / Felted Soap

The Twisted Purl / Felted Soap


Felted Soaps work great and have a light pleasant scent. There is no need for a washcloth or a loofah, just take your new felted soap into the tub or shower and it gently exfoliates your skin. As you use soap suds come through and the wool will continue to felt (shrink) around the bar of soap until you are left with a little scrubby, perfect for use during cleaning.

A large 4.25 ounce bar of Yardley Oatmeal & Almond soap combines real oat grains and almond essence. It has a very pleasant, light scent. Soap helps to soothe and defend against dry skin & irritation with pure extracts and essential oils. Paraben & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free.

If you prefer send us a note about the color of the wool, otherwise wool colors vary.

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About the Artist:

The Twisted Purl recently won the Arkansas Battle of the Brands competition, which was pretty dang cool! My little fiber company beat out every company in the entire state of Arkansas in a head to head voting bracket.

I have three boys, a fun-loving dog, and a wonderful husband who I couldn’t manage without.

I’m an avid knitter, spinner, and full time felter. Most knitters have yarn stashes, well, “stash” for me, would be an understatement. My sister calls me “The Crazy Yarn Lady” and I sheepishly admit, it’s true. Although lately, I do tend to have many more UFO’s than finished objects. I figure I can make the yarn and you can go finish the project.