Hand Goods has represented hundreds of Northern Californian, USA and international artisans and makers since 1970. We're fortunate to work with some of the best artists in Sonoma County...


"Vineyard Trees"

Original oil painting by Carolyn Jarvis


Barbara Hoffman-Pottery, Occidental, CA

Jack Stuppin-Paintings, Sebastopol, CA

Jeannie Duryea-Kelp Baskets, sculptures, Bodega Bay, CA 

Tom Rissacher-Paintings, Sebastopol, CA 

Marcie Collin-Ceramic sculptures, Novato, CA

Thomas Creed-Paintings, Santa Rosa, CA

Lyn Swan-Pottery, Sonoma, CA

Lynn Keyser-Glass art, Sebastopol, CA


Beth Biermann-Pottery, Petaluma, CA

John Chambers-Pottery, Sebastopol, CA

Charles Beck-Paintings, Occidental, CA 

Jennifer Weir-Jewelry, Occidental, CA

Greg Williams-Pottery, Sausalito, CA 

Hugh Hope-Pottery, Sebastopol, CA

Jane Kelly-Mosaics, Occidental, CA

Ed Nickel-Woodworker, Petaluma, CA

Carolyn Jarvis, Paintings, Sebastopol, CA